Dropshipping what is that??




The biggest secret in online trading


Sell hundreds of products without owning a single one.


How to sell any of our products on the Internet without spending a single euro on goods,


Invest in packaging or shipping.




Have you ever seen a retailer, e.g. on eBay, as a one-man entrepreneur


offers hundreds of items and wondered where he got all the equity for purchasing the goods


has procured?




For many entrepreneurs in the mail order business, be it on eBay, Amazon, online shops, or via the


classic mail order via catalog, the question often arises of how to get your own range


can expand without loans if possible. Especially starters and smaller companies, but also "old"


established companies have a hard time here, as banking institutions are known not to be keen to


Granting a loan to the self-employed.



If you operate or want to open an online shop,


Dropshipping is sure to be very interesting for you.




That's how it works:




You advertise all of our products in your shop, for this you copy our pictures and texts into


Your shop. Our texts are deliberately provided with many keywords, this is how the products will be


found faster by various search engines. Of course, you can also add your own pictures or texts


invest. In this way, you can present your customers with an extensive range without any investment.




If a customer then orders an article from you in the shop, you THEN order this article


US. We will immediately send the desired product to your customer on your behalf.




All deliveries are neutrally packed with your company address as the sender to yours


named address sent. There are no deliveries made by B2B Outlet!


Advertisements or brochures so that B2B Outlet does not even appear.




All you have to do with your order is to put the destination address of your customer in the “REMARK” compartment.


We will then send immediately with DHL Europe-wide in four and


Not Europe far within 7 working days to your customer.




You handle all payments and correspondence with your customers yourself.




Please EBAY and AMAZON only with prior agreement with us.




Should the consumer not like the ordered item because of it or it does not suit you


of course, as always in retail, that falls within the scope of yours


Business risk. Not your customer, but you, are our contractual partner and therefore a


commercial customer in wholesale.




Of course, B2B Outlet can, despite constant quality controls,


sometimes the art. are faulty.


In this case, have this item returned directly to us after giving notice.


Note the separate return address, as we only accept customer returns to this address


and can edit


We will then replace the product price plus shipping costs.


There are no costs for participating in our dropshipping program. You just pay


the normal shipping costs plus goods and VAT.


On our website b2b-outlet.com, you will find a list of our current shipping costs


Size tables and a short summary of the


current inventory.


We urgently expect all participants in drop shipping to contact us


Maintain the prescribed current MINIMUM sales prices mentioned. We do NOT want that


Lack of investment in goods, storage and sales areas lead to our valuable


Articles are "sold off" and thus damage stationary retail. This edition is safe for


A matter of course for a serious businessman. Because despite all the savings in various costs


it takes a healthy calculation to run a company successfully.


Maximize Your Profits with Drop Shipping!


With our dropshipping program, you save time and freight costs, you can still get through with us


send to your customer faster. In classic wholesale, we would send your order to you


sending costs time and money. You would then send this order to your customer,


again cost time and money!




Our Europe-wide warehouse service gives you the opportunity to get up within 24 hours


Bestseller to react and thus supports them in optimal warehouse management. (Just


Working days) The Dropshipping system is suitable for beginners in the field of online trading as well as


also for established dealers who value business management that is as economical as possible


and is associated with numerous advantages that regular online trading can never offer:


- You can start an online oversize shop with very little equity


- You can run the business right from home


- You do not need any storage space as you do not store any goods yourself



- Expensive packing and shipping personnel