List of products by brand AJ Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is the trend-setting collection launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981, with the profile of an eagle and the initials as a logo. Becoming one of the world's most successful expressions of Armani expresses the designer's vision of a young style, relaxed and modern. The line offers a wide range of casual and ready-to-wear for men and women - shirts, pants, jackets, dresses - that supports and complements the world dedicated to denim, which is the heart of the proposition.

The range of denim is very diverse both in terms of the models - there are 14 seasonal patterns - and the fit, the washes and prices. The collection covers the entire spectrum from simple manufacture to more complicated; the fit of thin regular, with numerous variations of the waist and leg.

Armani Jeans, with its DNA technology that looks to the future, has always had a special focus on the issues and problems of the modern world and respecting the environment until you have made a challenge, style and ethics. It continues the project initiated by a couple of seasons and consolidated through numerous initiatives to unite as to the environment and the quality of the product.